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sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Estación Terrapin 256 y 257 261012

Dedicado a la memoria de Jose Enrique Cano Leal "Canito"
26 Oct 1958-2 En 1980

Steve Forbert. That'll Be Alright. Over With You. 2012
Steve Forbert. Baby, I Know. Over With You. 2012
Bob Dylan. Duquesne Whistle. Tempest. 2012
Bob Dylan. Winterlude. New Morning. 1970
Bob Dylan. The Man In Me. New Morning. 1970
Bob Dylan. Bye & Bye. Love & Theft. 2001
Wes Kirkpatrick. Home. Naps & Nightmares. 2012
Susanna Hoffs. Raining (Ragtag Version). Some Summer Days. 2012
Great Lake Swimmers. Everything Is Moving So Fast (Live). The Legion Sessions
Rah Rah. Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous Angel. 2009
Gram Parsons. Return Of The Grievous Angel. Grevious Angel. 1973
The Brothers Comatose. Pie For Breakfast. Respect The Van. 2012
Nicki Bluhm. Stick With Me. Driftwood. 2011
Nicki Bluhm. Figure You Out. Driftwood. 2011
Billy Bragg. The World Turned Upside Down. Must I Paint You a Picture? 1985-2003 

                                              LISTEN STREAMING 
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman. 082591 Goldcoast Concert Bowl, Squaw Valley, CA.
Spring In California
Sam Bush & Jorma Kaukonen & Byron House. 6/30/00. High Sierra Festival Workshop.
(introduction by Wesley Robertson)
Hesitation Blues
"the roots of Rock and Roll and Bluegrass"
Crossroads Blues
"if you have any questions..."
Sally Where'd You Get Your Liquor From?
"deeply disturbed"
How Long Blues
"my middle name"
Mann's Fate
"favorite Jerry tune"
Sittin' On Top Of The World
(applause, encore:)
Ninety Nine Year Blues

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